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Saturday, December 18, 2004

It's a wrap!

Yesterday was my school's holiday party. We were fortunate to have the home of our school nurse, Inka, to have the party at. The house is beautiful - high ceilings, gorgeous winding staircase in the center hall, furnished like a model home. I was in charge of the party. As always, I had ordered WAY too much food. It was Chinese food and it was delicious. About 24 people showed up. It's really too bad that many of our teachers don't see the importance of getting together at least once or twice a year, to get to know each other away from school, to let our hair down, to see each other in a more relaxed mode. Those of us who came had such a good time. We talked, ate, and had a cutthroat Chinese auction. For those of you who are not familiar with this, here's how it goes: Participants bring a wrapped but unmarked gift and then takes a number. Number 1 takes a gift from under the tree, opens it and we all ooo and ahh. # 2 person has the choice of taking an unwrapped gift, or #1's gift. If a person's gift is taken from them, he/she gets to take the next turn. A gift can only be taken away 3 times and then it's out of the game. I ended up with two little white holiday plates (you know THOSE will be regifted to a Chinese auction) and Gerry got a crystal mantal clock (we don't have a mantal, so....regift it). Then the music was pumped up and some of us ladies did some fun dancing. It was so much fun.
Today after sleeping late (we got home around 1 last night) I puttered around and then finally got my butt in gear. I took my car to the mechanic. It needs a new electrical switch - my headlights don't work except on high beams. Gerry and I will switch cars and he will take mine in on Monday for the repair work. Then I did a little shopping. I was on my way to the Boynton Library to return a book on tape when I stopped into JoAnn's fabric store. They had a good sale - Xmas wrap, cards, etc were 60% off. Of course I checked out the yarns, and the Wool-Ease yarn was on sale for $1.99/skein. I just had to buy enough to make socks for Becca, Phil, Michael and Alison. I also bought for Gianna, as I decided to give the socks that I made for her to my para. After that and the library, I picked up the dog's beds that I had put into the huge washer at the laundermat (they don't fit into my machine). And then it was time to .....WRAP!!! I had to wrap all the presents that our Sunshine Committee gives to the office staff, plus gifts that I give to my friends at work, my kids, Gerry, friends, etc. I was almost done when Ger came home and suggested we go to dinner and the movies. How could I say no? We went to Ruby Tuesdays (my treat). I ordered the low carb Creole Catch, which is really good, but after one helping of the salad bar I couldn't finish my entre, it was too much for me. We then walked around Mizner Park, a really pretty shopping area (where we already were) in Boca Raton. By the time we made the full round of stores it was time for the movie. We saw Flight of the Phoenix, which was very good. I had seen the original but don't remember it, so I guess we will have to rent it soon. I was SO good - I only ate TWO KERNALS of Gerry's popcorn!
Alison and Mike flew to Puerta Vallarta today to meet his parents there for a week long vacation. I am going to miss speaking to Alison. Lately we talk at least once every other day, and sometimes more. I love that she calls or is free to talk when I call. I have been speaking more to Bex on the phone as well. Makes me so happy that the girls and I always have so much to talk about.
The eyes are closing and I have to get to sleep. Tomorrow is more wrapping, card writing, putting grades onto my report cards, and knitting (I hope). I really do need the coming vacation after all that I have been doing these past few weeks!!


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