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Monday, December 27, 2004

Here's to research

How nice to have a day when you can get up, lounge around a bit, and then put some of your affairs in order. I had the chance to go through mail, pay a few bills, and make some important phone calls that I have been meaning to get to - and now, I did!

I am working on a party for my mom's 80th birthday in February. Even though she had a really beautiful party for her 75th, my brother Jon and I felt that she should have one for 80. She really is a terrific person - ok, so she drives me nuts sometimes, but really, the fault is not always hers, it's my impatience at times. As mother's go, she is great. She always is willing to listen to me brag or gripe or moan or delight in something. She is not TOO judgemental. She has been through a lot in her life, then had to listen to all that my brother and I went through at various times in our adult lives, and still loves us. So why not celebrate the lady and her accomplishment of reaching 80. I did tell her, however, that when she reaches 85 - we're just taking her out for a nice dinner!!

I saved myself some time and footwork by searching on the internet and making several phone calls to a few restaurants that I know to be good. I was able to have two of them fax or e-mail their menus to me. I called the third restaurant and left a message with their party manager (who has not gotten back to me yet). Then I had a scathingly, brilliant idea. I had not been there at all and have been dying to eat there, so what better excuse could I have then to want to RESEARCH the restaurant. So - off we all went...Mom, brother Jon, niece Gianna, Gerry and I to Mon Ami. I must tell you...the food was GREAT!!!! The service was GREAT!!!! and I sincerely hope that this party lady calls, has the date open and a decent menu available at a decent price and will be a done deal! If not, I fall back onto one of my two other choices - both Italian restaurants, and what can be bad about that?

After dinner we went to see Meet The Fockers, but it was sold out, so we got tix to see The Aviator. It was excellent, and Leonardo di Caprio was terrific as Howard Hughes. Now my interest is peaked and I have to search the net for info on HH, of which I am sure there is a wealth of information.

Tomorrow we (hopefully) have our DirectTV Tivo-like box put in. Fingers are crossed that they have a 70+ hour model, otherwise we will just install the TIVO that I bought Gerry for Xmas and that will be that!

Jon and Gianna go home tomorrow night. Loved having them here but it will be good not to have to think of meeting others everyday, and just busying myself with other things to do - of which I have about 5 already in the fire.


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