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Sunday, December 26, 2004

Catching up

I know it's been awhile since I wrote here, but since the only readers (that I know of) are Alison and Karen, and they were in Mexico, there really was no sense in writing. Plus I have been SOOO busy - what else is new?

School ended last Wednesday. The kids had a half day, and I enjoyed having the afternoon to get some things done in my room - grades entered on the computer, lesson plans written. In the afternoon I went for my monthly massage - ahh, that felt SO good! My neck was so tense - it was just what I needed.

I had to go in Thursday morning. I could have just shown my face and left, but I was going to visit my friend/co-worker Shawn afterward, and he lives even further South, so it made sense to stay and do some work at school. I got the room ready for our January return, made the room a little bit more manageable, sorted through books, etc. Then I went to breakfast with Pam, our new kindergarten teacher. We never really get a chance to chat, so it was nice to be out for a bit with her. When we parted, I drove to Shawn's. Shawn had a major motorcycle accident October 22. Thank goodness he's ok - well, sort of. He lost his spleen, cracked 3 ribs, broke his scapula, and had horrific internal injuries. But he's 24, an optimist, and is doing surprisingly well. His family is SOOO nice, and before I knew it, 2 1/2 hours had gone by. Then I went for my manicure and brow waxing - always feels good to "clean up."

On Friday we shopped at Costco for "noshies and finger foods" for that night. My brother Jon and niece Gianna came in from CT and Gerry picked them up and had them here by 7:30PM. Mom, Suzzette and Brian were here, and three of our friends came over. We had a nice Xmas eve, eating, chatting, laughing. Then we opened everyone else's presents, and Gerry asked that we open two of ours (there were only 3 or 4 for each of us from the other, anyway). He had already seen the jacket that I got him, and knew he was getting an electric shaver, so that's what I picked for him to open. He surprised me with a dive computer and a very good pair of fins. I never expected either one. I would not have gotten the dive computer on my own as it is really expensive - I usually just use the air indicator, compass and my watch. The DC does everything in one, and then some.

Saturday morning we woke and opened our gifts. I received a nice check that I was told to use on clothing - yeah, like I have any room in my little closet! Gerry was thrilled with TIVO and promptly began to install it. The installation went well, but the activation was more of a pain. It seems that we have DirectTV so it goes thru them. No biggie, as it is only 1/3 the cost monthly. But I found out that I could purchase a "TIVO" unit thru DirectTV for $'s the sattelite and DVR all in one. THAT'S GREAT!!! I thought. However, they cannot tell you which DVR you are could be 30 hrs, 70 hrs or's the luck of the draw. I told the guy, "That's like my husband telling you, when he comes to give you a moving estimate, 'So you want to move to NY? Sorry, our drivers are going to CA, so we will take your furniture there!'" I couldn't believe it. I made an appointment and told the guy to have the driver call before he gets here, and if he doesn't have a 70 hr or better to give us, he shouldn't bother coming over. Then I will keep the one I purchased in the first place.

We spent the afternoon at my cousin Ann's and had a great time. I brought my knitting and finished a pair of socks (did almost the entire second sock there). These are for my friend's 9 yr old son, who saw me knitting a pair last month and asked if I could make him a pair. How could I say no? Now I am working on a pair for my son-in-law....since both will get a pair, I don't know which of them will get this one. Most likely I will make both pair and then send them at the same time. I also want to get yarn to make my OKC brother Randy the scarf he requested. That is something I need to do this week.

Today we went to see Lemony Snicket (movie starring Jim Carrey). It was really cute, but not one that I would say rush out to see (it is a great kid's movie, though). Tomorrow we hope to see the Aviator.

So we are here, watching the Jets/Patriots game, probably doing pizza and wings for dinner. Not a bad way to spend the evening, and of course, I'll be working on those socks.

Just have to add...I am SOOO glad that Alison is home from Mexico. I really missed her, reading her blog and talking to her! I miss Becca too...she and Phil are in England for the holiday. I don't talk to her as much as I do to Alison, but I like knowing that she is there if I need to chat.

Happy New Year to all!!


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